Wednesday, December 10, 2008

GET THE Looks!!!!!!

NO matter what texture your curls are, Gary Howse, cofounder and creative director of Gary Manuel Salon and Gary Manuel Aveda Institute in Seattle, has tips for you. First, blog wet curls with a microfiber towel before duffusing or drying your hair; it dries out more water than a regular towel and it doesn't disrupt your curl pattern Microfiber towels will dry out at least half the water out of your hair.

Next don't be stingy with your styling products. If your hair is chin length use at least a quarter-size blob. If you have long or thick kinky hair, you might need a palmful of product. Distribute the product on one section at a time, starting with bottom layers. This ensures that all your strands are coated evenly -including the under layers, which can get poofy even without enough products.

Article & Pictures from Cosmogirl!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Experts say harsh winter weather and a change in temperatures can be hair's No. 1 enemy

From hat hair to static electricity, split ends to dry frizz, when winter weather hits, a bad hair day can last an entire season. In fact, even if you live in a moderate climate, experts say you're still susceptible to hair-raising changes as the seasons pass.

"The environment can have some of the most damaging effects on hair in both summer and winter, but in winter it's often worse because people generally don't take as many precautions to protect their hair," says celebrity stylist Nick Chavez, owner of the Nick Chavez Beverly Hills Salon and a QVC hair care expert.

Sun exposure (which can be as intense on a ski slope as it is on a beach) combined with a blustery winter wind (which can snarl hair) as well as snow, rain, and icy cold (which makes hair brittle and dry) can all come together to create some pretty bad winter hair days, says Chavez.

What's that you say? You plan to spend all your time in the ski lodge with a hot toddy -- and not a ski pole -- in your hand? Not so fast snow bunny -- winter is still your hair's enemy. The reason is indoor heating, which experts say can be something akin to spending an entire afternoon under a hair dryer!

"It's not quite as dramatic as the damage would be from that, but it certainly gives you an idea of what indoor heating can do to your hair," says fashion runway stylist and Boston salon owner Marc Harris.

The good news: No matter what's causing your winter hair woes, you can take both protective and replenishing steps. At the top of the list for most stylists: regular use of a thick, rich, moisturizing conditioner with a few key ingredients.

If you are blessed with thick or curly Biracial/Multiracial hair, or ultra thick, heavy Asian hair, you need a thick, heavy conditioning hair pack -- a deep treatment you leave on for about a half-hour, once or twice a week. But because these hair types generally hold oil at the roots -- one reason the rest of the hair can seem so ultra dry.

Check out for the below products that will keep your hair healthy in any weather condition.

Soy Cream Shampoo - A mild, luxurious hair cleanser that leaves a smooth and soft feeling. Blended Beauty shampoo is a silky cream that is extra moisturizing and conditioning and won't strip or dry out the hair.It is pH balanced for a smooth finish and truly gentle enough to use every day if desired.
Recommended for all hair types.

Quenching Conditioner - This intense, luxurious rinse-out hair conditioner is extra moisturizing and full of nutrients to keep hair healthy and growing.
Recommended for all hair types.

Herbal Reconditioner - This deep treatment cream contains a blend of herbs which soak the hair with actives that bring life back to your curls. This can also be used on relax or textured hair. Good for the winters!!!
Recommended for all hair types.

Curly Frizz Pudding - A soft hold moisturizing gel lotion that defines and conditions curls, while nourishing the scalp and hair. Smooth and define each curl with natural conditioners.
Recommended for all hair types.

Light Styling Lotion - A light leave-in styling lotion, and a moisturizing conditioner. Specially created for slightly textured waves and curls, or untextured dry or damaged, or frizzy hair. Tames and smoothes hair while moisturizing with aloe, shea butter. Leaves hair touchably soft.
For relaxed hair put lotion in just before blow drying.
Recommended for all hair types

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Straightened my hair

So I got the straight hair fever last week and straightened my hair. I went to Azan's on Davenport, one of my girls just started working there so I got a really good deal $40 because she used me as a model, prices range from $60 and up depending on what you are getting done. I haven't had my hair straight in over 2 years so I was quite excited to see how long it was and how I would look. I find that my face looks slimmer with straight hair LOL. I was at the salon for over 4 hours yes, I got a treatment, hand massage and I had to cut alot of my hair off, wasn't too happy but hey its only hair, I cut 5 inches off. I loved the way my hair looks straight, a stylist at the salon was telling me that I should texturize my hair so it would be more manageable. I added a picture of the straight hair, let me know what you think.

You must treat your hair when you color it!!!!

The advantages are that usually it looks better and it's fun to change up your look. Disadvantages are that it can dry out your hair, it can damage it, and usually once you start dying your hair you always have to because if you want the dye out then you have to grow it out or try to match it up to your natural color. And for the damaging your hair part if you use moisturizing products, deep conditioners and treatments then you can try to eliminate a bit of damage. Its very important to treatment your hair with color or without color because of the environment we live it the hair gets damage in the summer and the winter. When your hair gets colored its stripped of its natural color which damages the follicles. If you color your hair make sure to treat it at least once a week. Sundays is my hair day usually later on in the evening. I did a photo shoot with L'oreal in March and they colored my hair and so I have to treat my hair. If you look at my picture you can see the color, I loved it it really brought out the color in my eyes but at the same time it really damaged my hair. I know it can be time consuming because you have to let the treatment sit in your hair for at least 15 mins. Well why not wash the hair then put the treatment in at this time run a bath and relax in the bath for 15 mins put on a nice cd and just relax. Pamper your hair, we all know girls that if your hair ain't looking fly you don't feel fly.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

First step is the hardest

People get excited when I tell them about Curlylox. The usual response is "Wow you have your own business, I would love to do that." And they always have a story about their idea/s and how they would love to do it. Why not do it? I ask, well I don't have the money and I don't know where to start. Most people love the idea of working for themselves but don't have the drive or determination to go out and do it. Let me tell you this sh**t is not easy especially selling over the internet. Yeah you get tons of people on your site but you have to persuade them in less than a minute to buy, thats were the hard part comes in. Dealing with the competition and the bad talking cause people want to make it just as bad as I do and think giving me bad flack will pay off for them. Ain't nobody learn "what goes around comes around." Over the last year I have been learning as I go, as I said in other blogs I didn't have a business plan or an idea of how Curlylox was going to run. Don't get me wrong I definitely love this but it ain't paying all the bills yet so I am working real hard at it still. Do I ever feel like giving up???? Do I ever wonder what I am doing??? Yes and No!! I love a challenge I have never liked any of my jobs enough to want to work for someone else. When I first started out I had 2 months I had absolutely no sales, hmmmmm but thats business. Just got to keep pushing on, what keeps me motivated is my Mom and BF they give me all the support one needs to carry on. My mom says that all those who made it to the top started where I am, so I remember that. What is a really good inspiration as well is a magazine called Entrepreneur they interview entrepreneur across North America and they tell their stories, very uplifting.

Honestly the hardest step is the 1st but once you take that step you are well on your way. Trust me!!!!! For now my head is up, positive vibes and taking it one day at a time!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Where did you get that hair????

So I got into the elevator at my dentist office on Friday afternoon. When I heard "where did you get all that hair girl" hmmmm My parents I said. Wow the man said "do you ever straighten it", yes I do but it takes over 4hrs I replied. Wow, so what does your boyfriend think of it? he says. So now I am thinking in my head he is trying to pick me up. He loves it, I replied, Why whats wrong with my hair? He replies oh nothing I really love it, I really do. Well thank you I said and bye. He tried to say something else but I ignored him.

I find that people are really drawn to my hair. I had an old gentleman tell me how much it reminded him of his young years. I think its the wildness and the natural beauty of the hair that draws them. Hey somedays I love my hair so much but there are days I want to cut it or flat iron it straight. Winter is the hardest for me because I cant wear a hat in order to do so I have to wash it and put it in a ponytail while its wet. I have to blow dry it in the ponytail its a tough job this hair. Lots of people say hey I wished I had your hair, hmmmmm no you dont I usually say. But you know how it is, we always want something we don't have.

Black women are not taught to embrace their natural hair from the early years parents use relaxers to straighten the hair. Honestly I don't like to see young girls with relax hair I think with the right products the hair can be manageable.

Natural hair is soooooooooo beautiful, embrace what you got and work with it.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Curly hair celebs

What is is unique as the products offered are specifically designed, but is not limited for biracial and multiracial clients with various textures of curly hair. Not only does specialize in selling curly hair products but also provides resources on how to maintain curly hair and information on salons that specializes in curly hair making it very convenient for people as it provides all their hair care needs in one place.

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